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This is a danger due to lack of Vitamin D

Although it sounds trivial, due to lack of vitamin D can affect many organs in the body, including bones and teeth. This vitamin D deficiency condition is not only experienced by infants and children, but can also occur in adults. Various factors can cause vitamin D deficiency, including lack of sun exposure, being overweight (obesity), and lack of consumption of foods containing vitamin D. Impact of Vitamin D Deficiency on Infants and Children Mild vitamin D deficiency generally does not show typical symptoms. But in conditions that are already severe, deficiency of vitamin D in infants can cause stiff muscles, cramps, even difficulty breathing. If it occurs in children, vitamin D deficiency can cause a variety of disorders, such as: Rickets. This condition will cause the child to experience pain in the leg bones, muscle aches, and muscle weakness. Growth disturbance. Vitamin D deficiency in children will have an impact on height growth disorders. Delay in tooth growth. Moo
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Various Benefits of Centella Asiatica for Skin Health

Centella asiatica is claimed to be able to overcome a number of complaints on the skin, such as dry skin, acne, or sores. However, is that right? Let's get to know what Centella asiatica is and its medical benefits for skin health. In Indonesia, Centella asiatica is known as gotu kola leaf. Lately, Centella asiatica has been a topic of conversation in the community because its properties are considered very good for beauty, and there are many facial care products now made by adding extracts of this plant. Benefits of Centella Asiatica for Skin Health In Centella asiatica, there are saponins, flavonoids, phenolic acids, and terpenoids. These substances are allegedly beneficial for the skin. Well, what are the benefits? 1. Keep the skin moist Centella asiatica extract can increase the levels of sebum or skin's natural oils, so that the skin's moisture and elasticity can be maintained. The saponin content of this plant is also able to retain water longer on the skin an

These Foods and Drinks That Can Help Sleep Better

Do you often wake up or not sleep well at night? Do not worry, because there are many ways to improve sleep quality. One thing that can be done is to consume certain foods and drinks. There are many benefits of quality sleep including boosting the immune system, preventing chronic diseases, and helping the digestive system. Therefore, it is important not to neglect poor quality sleep. Signs of Unhealthy Sleep If you are still in doubt, there are a number of things that can indicate that you have a sleep disorder or that you lack quality sleep. One sign, you need more than 30 minutes to fall asleep. Other signs of poor quality sleep are that you sleep too long, wake up more than once at night, or often wake up from sleep for 20 minutes or more. But don't worry, there are several ways to sleep more soundly, creating a comfortable sleeping atmosphere, avoiding putting gadgets in the room, and managing stress. In addition, sleep quality can also be influenced by foods or drink